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A look at how Myplanet structures our team, project, and organizational processes through the lens of a technologist.

Two individuals sit across a table from a third person. There is a laptop in front of one of the two on the far side of the table.
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Myplanet’s Director, Software Development on the skills he looks for in a new hire — and what candidates should look for in a new employer.

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Automation and AI are big topics of discussion as we move out of the pandemic and back to offices. What does it mean for the future of working?

Two Myplanet team members are engaged in a discussion while working together at a laptop computer.

A look at Myplanet’s Professional Development program and internal Design Mentorship opportunities.

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After a year of working out of office, does sharing a physical space even matter anymore?

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A look at the changing dynamics of purchasing in person and how to take advantage of a digital-physical hybrid approach.

Changing Retail Landscape

The first half of 2020 brought significant changes to shopping patterns and habits. Overnight, Covid-19 shifted the way consumers purchase goods, and though many retailers have reported significant increases in fully online or digitally-supported transactions, the increase in eCommerce revenue has not replaced lost brick-and-mortar revenue for most. …

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To aid in the response to Covid-19, we’re backing fundraising, research, and development that supports open-source digital contact tracing.

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A primer on what Digital Contact Tracing is and why it could be the key to getting North America back to business as usual.


We’re a software studio. We specialize in creating digital experience platforms using best-in-class technology to support seamless, data-informed journeys.

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